What is Coaches Scoop Frozen Desserts?

We were convinced that super premium frozen desserts could be scooped at any location and at any time.  We wanted to bring the desserts to you!  How did we accomplish that?  In the beginning, we developed designer portable dipping cabinets that were used for outdoor events (farmer’s markets & football games) and indoor events (corporate events & basketball games).  With so much mobile success we decided it was time to join the big leaguers……and “Super Scoop” was born.

 “Super Scoop” launched onto the food truck scene in 2011 and was the first 24ft. custom-built mobile ice cream parlor in the Mountain region....and we're still the biggest!  We’ve scooped our way throughout Colorado and Wyoming serving up a variety of frozen desserts….but we’re best known for our super premium plus ice cream.  What’s Super Premium Plus you ask?  That’s the highest quality ice cream and ingredients mixed with fresh baked goods.  And it’s all hand-made, hand-scooped, and hand-served for your eating pleasure! 

 Our Story

Kayla started dreaming of owning her own business as a little girl growing up in Littleton, Colorado.  While majoring in restaurant and resort management at CSU, the dream developed and she discovered a world of culinary excellence in frozen desserts.  Kayla’s excitement and knowledge grew and in 2010 we launched Coaches Scoop Frozen Desserts.  Why the name Coaches Scoop?  Kayla’s Dad has been a basketball coach since Kayla was born and due to his passion and of course....money, is now the “Head Scooper”.   

At Coaches Scoop Frozen Desserts, it’s a family affair with highly developed talent and players that can’t be replaced. 

It all started with Kayla and she’s our point guard for the business.  That means she runs the day-to-day operations which includes (but is not limited to) manufacturing the very best, highest quality, frozen desserts. 

Fred remains and will always be our Head Coach (also known as our Head Scooper).  He leads, motivates and sometimes yells….but we still love him.    

Christine keeps the stats on the business….which means she’s the bookkeeper.  It’s not glamorous, but somebody’s gotta do it.  You can also find Christine at the Wyoming Technology Business Center (on campus at the University of Wyoming) working with start-up entrepreneurs.  It's nice to have a business consultant in the family.